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Iowa Bottle Bill
Iowa's bottle bill deposit law covers all carbonated and alcoholic beverages. Consumers pay a five-cent deposit when purchasing a beverage container and receive a five-cent refund when returning the container to a store or redemption center. The bottle bill helps reduce and clean up litter by recovering beverage containers for recycling. It’s Center Redemption’s mission to keep the deposit containers out of ditches, landfills and rivers. We want to continue to keep Iowa a clean and beautiful state.

The high level of participation by Iowa's businesses and Iowa consumers is the key to the program's success. An estimated 86 percent of beverage containers, or 1.65 billion, are redeemed annually in Iowa. However; since the bottle bill has been enacted in 1979 there has been no change to this bill. Redemption Centers only make 1 cent per container handling fee. This is why so many redemption centers over the years have closed. It is hard to make ends meet when you are only dealing with a penny. We are all aware since 1979 prices on everything have gone up; yet the handling fee has remained the same. There will be more and more redemption centers forced to close if they do not expand this bill and increase the handling fee.